Fall River Water Company

Beth McKeever

Email:  bgmcsquared@gmail.com

Phone:  541-771-8980

FR Water Co. Tab

Mailbox assignments, keys, questions, please contact:

Director At Large

Craig Snitker

Email:  craigsnitker@gmail.com

Phone:  503-428-8032

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Tom McManus

Email:  ttmcmanuscih@gmail.com

Phone:  541-323-6970

HOA Dues\Fees\Title Companies

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Maralee Douglas

Email:  mvd97707@outlook.com   

​Phone:  541-385-6590



If you don't know who you need to contact, or if you have comments, please use the form below or email  contact@fallriverestates.org



​​Keli Brinkman

email: angelorchidkn@@hotmail.com

Phone:  503-949-2501

​Director At Large

​​​​Kathy Mills 

Email:  kmills59@netzero.com

Phone:  503-730-8082

Fall River Estates Home Owner Association
15148 River Loop Drive East
Bend, Oregon 97707